Mandeep Minhas

Student, University of Texas at Arlington, and Co-Founder and Chair, Global Amity

Mandeep Minhas is a student at the University of Texas at Arlington who is deeply committed to educational opportunity and student empowerment. He is the co-founder and chair of Global Amity, an organization that empowers people to improve the literacy rate in Rwanda. In 2012, Mandeep was selected to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University, where he received recognition for his work abroad. Mandeep has also worked as a legislative aide for Texas State Representative Diane Patrick, serving on her education team. He was the lead staffer for Patrick's higher-education policy summits, which promoted community awareness of Texas’ multi-billion dollar deficit Texas from the recession. He is currently a scholar with Opportunity Nation, a national leadership program identifying promising young activists and entrepreneurs striving to promote their vision of the American Dream by increasing opportunity on their campuses and in their communities.