May 20

Reaffirming Our Commitment to School Nutrition Standards and Student Health

As we soon close out the 2013 – 2014 school year, we should be celebrating—not rolling back—the great progress that schools have made toward implementing the USDA’s school nutrition standards.
Feb 24

Kids Food Festival Helps Teach Balanced Food Choices in New York City

When kids are immersed in enjoyable activities, they absorb and retain information more effectively. The Kids Food Festival embodies this philosophy of learning through fun with its weekend full of family-friendly events at Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park in New York City. This March 1st and 2nd,families will cook, dance, laugh, and taste their way to making balanced food choices!

Creating a Culture of Wellness: El Monte City School District

Oct 2, 2012
The Clinton Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation continue to assist the El Monte City School District (EMCSD) in creating a “culture of wellness” with its school community. EMCSD has participated in the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program for...

Academic Vibrancy: A New Way to Do School

Sep 14, 2012
One core belief Americans hold is academic opportunity and beyond that, academic excellence. Each year our educators aspire to instill knowledge and passion into our future generation with the hope of greater success than all the generations previously. With the rise of childhood obesity, our youngest citizens stand...

Alliance Helps Schools Reach 90 Percent Reduction in Beverage Calories

Aug 17, 2012
The Alliance for a Healthier Generation just announced that the Alliance School Beverage Guidelines have contributed to a 90 percent reduction in beverage calories shipped to schools between the 2004-2010 school years, according to a report published in the American Journal of Public Health. Established in 2006...