Mar 13

The Healthy Eating Halo Effect

America’s obesity crisis is well-documented, as well its impact on the overall health of the nation through an increase in hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Feb 25

Prevention and Awareness: Fighting Women’s Heart Disease

It’s February - heart month – to me, a female cardiologist, it is a reminder of the work we have left to do. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death for both men and women in the US, it kills more every year than all cancers combined.

A Rising Epidemic on College Campuses: Prescription Drug Abuse

Jan 12, 2014
Prescription drug abuse is the nation’s fastest growing drug problem. More people in the US died last year of drug overdoses than died in car accidents, making prescription drug abuse the third leading cause of accidental death.

The PGA TOUR’s Commitment to Health and Wellness in Northeast Florida

Dec 18, 2013

Today, executives from the PGA TOUR are in Jacksonville, Florida, for the launch of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative’s Blueprint for Action in Northeast Florida; an event that convenes a group of outstanding business, thought, and health leaders to discuss the work that we have done over …