Feb 08

Impact of the 2013 Health Matters Conference

In January the Clinton Foundation hosted its second annual health and wellness conference, Health Matters: Activating Wellness In Every Generation, where conference participants announced pledges to action totaling more than $100 million. These pledges will work to increase access for education, disease prevention...
Feb 05

Celebrating 20 Years of the Family & Medical Leave Act

The late 20th century will be remembered for the onset of dramatic economic, social, environmental and political changes which continue to challenge us at home and abroad. Though our increasingly interdependent global economy allowed people...

Clinton Health Access Initiative: 10 Years of Transformation

Jul 29, 2012
On Friday, July 27, 2012, President Clinton spoke at the International AIDS Conference and discussed how much progress has been made in providing treatment for HIV/AIDS. Read about how the Clinton Health Access Initiative has been helping address the HIV/AIDS crisis over the past 10 years...

AGOA and the Emerging African Market

Jul 13, 2012
When President Clinton signed the African Growth and Opportunity Act into law in 2000, he ushered in a new era of relations between the U.S. and the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. As a result of AGOA, the U.S. engagement on the continent is no longer solely predicated on a donor-recipient relationship...