Aug 28

A Refreshing Investment in Women Entrepreneurs

The United Nation's Development Programme estimates that women do 66% of the world’s work, but only earn 10% of the world’s income. Coca-Cola is working to bridge this divide.

From Idea to National Movement: Celebrating Twenty Years of Chartered Schools

Sep 7, 2012
Twenty years ago today, on September 7, 1992, the first chartered school – City Academy – opened its doors in St. Paul, Minnesota. Today, no fewer than two million students attend over 5,600 chartered schools in 41 states and the District of Columbia...

Jon Bon Jovi Wishes President Clinton a Happy Birthday

Aug 16, 2012
Over these many years that I've been privileged to know Bill Clinton, I've admired him as both a President and a diplomat. I, like many others, have been inspired by him and his relentless efforts to improve the lives of others around the globe through his philanthropic work. Birthdays are an opportunity to reflect...