CGI Tracks

CGI members connect and collaborate year-round within nine broad and cross-cutting Tracks, each representing a topical global challenge or strategic approach. Each Track contains a number of stand-alone opportunities that bring members together to share knowledge, develop new Commitments to Action, and support work that is already underway. Tracks also contain Action Networks—small groups of CGI members that work on specific, on-going topics.

 The Built Environment

The Built Environment Track focuses on developing innovative methods for improving the environmental and social efficacy of our infrastructure, shelters, buildings, neighborhoods, and cities through cross-sectoral partnerships and collaboration. CGI members address issues related to the design, sustainability, construction, and management of the built environment, with particular focus on resource consumption, job creation, workforce development, and green schools.

 Education & Workforce Development

Education is a powerful instrument in poverty reduction and a principle component to achieving lasting social and economic development. Within this Track, CGI members discuss efforts to build effective education systems—ranging from early childhood education to work-ready skills programs—while exploring approaches for using education as a tool to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to lead healthy, satisfying, and productive lives.


CGI members explore a wide range of interconnected issues, including the production of sustainable and renewable energy and fuels, the greening of supply chains and production processes, ecosystem services and market-based solutions to environmental management, climate change adaptations, and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.

 Environmental Stewardship

CGI members explore critical solutions to the impacts of environmental and natural resource degradation on communities, individuals, industries, and businesses. Members in this Track work together to find, develop, and implement cooperative approaches that support the sustainable use of our natural resources and promote living and thriving within the means of the planet.

 Girls & Women

Though more than half the world's population, Girls and Women are often not considered in the design and implementation of efforts to address global challenges. This year, CGI members in this Track work to empower women along the corporate value chain, increase development solutions in urban areas, and address other gaps in strategy. To expand awareness of girls and women across all issue areas, CGI members are encouraged to actively participate in other Tracks.

 Global Health

In addition to preventing disease and prolonging life, promoting global health is integral to improving livelihoods and ensuring stability. However, in spite of our common understanding of its significance and recent advances in research and technology, access to quality health care remains dangerously uneven across the globe. Through the Global Health Track, CGI members are invited to work collaboratively to identify, develop, and execute smarter solutions to old and new health challenges.

 Market-Based Approaches

CGI members utilize their existing expertise and the power of collaboration to engage the market, using it as a tool to generate positive social impact across a diverse spectrum of constituents. These constituents range from individuals at the base of the pyramid, to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), to investors and multi-national corporations pursuing double or triple bottom line goals. CGI members focus on issues such as financial inclusion at the base of the pyramid, SME growth and innovation, redefining the future of capitalism, and emerging trends in impact investing.

 Response & Resilience

CGI members share positive trends and innovations in an effort to identify how NGOs, governments, corporations, and civil society can effectively prepare for and reduce the impact of conflict and disaster through increased coordination. While there are some areas of regional focus, such as Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this Track also provides a space for CGI members to explore approaches to preparedness, response, reconstruction, and resilience across geographies.


Advances in technology promote development by allowing emerging economies to "leapfrog" into an advanced state of connectivity, leading to democratization of the media, beneficial connections between people, and an increase in market opportunities and educational access. Through the Technology Track, CGI members using advances in the field of technology gather to trade insights and work collaboratively to leverage technology for sustainable development across Tracks.