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The 'Nobelity in Schools' Million Student Initiative

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The Nobelity Project

In 2008, The Nobelity Project committed to reaching one million students with its educational materials advocating individual commitments to specific positive change in the world. The Nobelity Project aims to deliver their feature films and education materials to one million students through direct outreach (on DVD and through the web) to teachers in the U.S., Canada and other countries. These materials are related to a broad range of core subjects, and include the insights of a dozen Nobel laureates and other inspiring leaders on a wide array of global problems and solutions.

2009 saw the completion of its first short film series, Short Films/Big Changes, and a feature documentary, 'One Peace At A Time,' which highlights 20 specific solutions that can help provide basic rights to every child. 'One Peace at a Time' will be distributed free of charge to thousands of middle and high school teachers worldwide in late 2009. Grants to create the companion website, The Nobelity Webquest, were secured with online launch coinciding with school outreach. The Project also continues to reach students through its branded YouTube channel, and is partnering with a national film distributor on a national screening event in October 2009 to create sponsored screenings in churches, community centers, colleges, high schools, and individual sponsored home screenings.





The 'Nobelity in Schools' Million Student Initiative



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3 years


Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, Asia, Northern America, Europe, Oceania


Canada, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, United States of America

Commitment by

The Nobelity Project


Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.), Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Wright Family Foundation