Climate Change

Climate Change

In cities and forests across the globe, our programs are proving that we can confront the debilitating effects of climate change in a way that makes sense for governments, businesses, and economies. From iconic projects like the retrofit of the Empire State Building to a tree-planting program that generates income for farmers in Malawi, our work to build more energy efficient cities, promote clean energy, and reverse deforestation has reduced global greenhouse gas emissions by tens of thousands of tons per year while also creating local jobs and boosting economies.

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More About Our Work on Climate Change

Our planet's future depends on the way we produce and consume energy today. The majority of the world's population now lives in cities, which cover only 2 percent of the Earth's surface but account for nearly 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions from deforestation account for another 17 percent of the world's total. Most climate scientists agree that we must dramatically reduce these emissions or face devastating consequences; already, rising temperatures and changing weather patterns are disrupting natural and economic systems and exacerbating intense poverty and health pandemics. Yet we are only just beginning to recognize that the answer to how we protect the environment is inextricably tied to how we power our economies.

By targeting the root causes of climate change, we can develop solutions to help change the course of our planet’s future. Cities can lead the charge by introducing cleaner public transportation, alternative waste management, and building retrofits. Communities that depend on forests can be engaged in conserving them. And collectively, we can demonstrate that measures to protect our environment can also benefit our economies by saving money for governments and businesses and creating local jobs.