By improving access to health and well-being today, we can help millions of people enjoy a healthier tomorrow.
The Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) works to improve the health and wellbeing of all people by activating individuals, communities, and organizations to make meaningful contributions to the health of others. The goals of CHMI are to reduce the prevalence of preventable health outcomes, close health inequity and disparity gaps, and reduce health care costs by improving access to key contributors to health for all people.

More about the Clinton Health Matters Initiative

Simply put, we know that better health is contagious – people, communities and organizations have solutions to share, and we are the platform for elevating their collective successes. We:

  • Build strategic partnerships that will help facilitate the development and scaling of health promoting solutions.
  • Work across sectors to develop and implement coordinated, systemic approaches to creating healthier communities.
  • Leverage technology and digital innovation to help advance health and wellness at the national and community levels by disseminating evidence-based individual, systems, and investment strategies.

Our Model: Social Determinants of Health

The Clinton Health Matters Initiative uses the social determinants of health model to drive all of its work. This model suggests that an individual’s overall health is influenced by a constellation of factors, including healthcare quality and access, lifestyle behaviors, socioeconomic status, and access  to a healthy environment. CHMI uses a set of nationally recognized indicators to measures its success which focus on:

  • Improvements in key preventable disease measures and health and well-being indicators
  • Reductions in health care costs associated with preventable health outcomes in community health transformation sites.
  • Reduction in health disparity gaps.
  • Number and economic impact of commitments made by corporations and organizations to contribute to the health and well-being of others.