Commitment by: Clinton Health Matters Initiative + Ace Hotels + Tumblr + Jawbone
How do we ensure everyone has access to what they need to be healthy? While corporations, communities, and individuals all can play a role in advancing health and wellness for others, we believe that technology and digital platforms can help by sharing what works and spurring innovation at the national and community levels.
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Three codeathons, held at the Ace Hotel in New York City, have brought together developers and designers to build original application prototypes that address one of the social determinants of health. Held over 36 hours, these healthy codeathons incorporate wellness activities throughout – including nutritious food and opportunities to stretch and exercise. The first winning application, Fitcoin, was released by developers in late November 2013. The fourth codeathon concluded Sunday, January 12, in Palm Springs, California, before the start of the Clinton Foundation's 2014 Health Matters conference.