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Microfinance Finance Facility

[commitment-title title='Summary'] In September 2006, Standard Chartered Bank made a commitment to the establishment of a $500,000,000 Microfinance Facility over a five-year period. Standard Chartered will provide development organizations and…

Low-Carbon Livable Cities Initiative

[commitment-title title='Summary'] In 2013, the World Bank Group committed to launching the Low-Carbon Livable Cities Initiative, which aims to catalyze action towards low-carbon economies in the largest 300 cities in…

Abolition of School Fees Campaign

[commitment-title title='Summary'] In 2005, RESULTS and the RESULTS Educational Fund committed to press for increased US and multilateral resources for basic education and the elimination of school fees, thus ensuring…

Women Harnessing Digital Technology To Power Global Change

[commitment-title title='Summary'] In 2012, World Pulse commited to directly training 35 grassroots women to become citizen journalists and 'Advanced Trainers' on the World Pulse platform. These women will each then…
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