Employee Benefits


Most of our staff that supports our international initiatives live and work overseas. Your eligibility for benefits is dependent on your employment status. Many of our staff are local hires and as a result their benefits are based on the local labor laws of that country. Our ex-pat hires are eligible for the basic benefits related to Medical/Dental and Life Insurance, International SOS Insurance, assignment travel, home leave, etc. As candidates move through the screening and interviewing process, we will share more details about benefits.

US Based
  • Health Plan — The Foundation offers hospitalization and medical coverage for employees and their spouses and dependent minor children. The Foundation pays 100% of employee, spouse and minor dependent health insurance costs. Dental coverage is also available for employees and their eligible dependents.
  • Flexible Spending Account — A Flexible Spending Account is offered that can provide employees a means of reducing their tax burden for eligible out–of–pocket medical expenses.
  • Retirement — The Foundation offers a tax deductible retirement plan, and will match up to 6% of employees’ salaries that are contributed to such plan.
  • Life and Disability Insurance — Term Life Insurance and Supplemental Term Life Insurance are available for employees and their eligible dependents. Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance is provided for employees that become totally or partially disabled.

Note: We review our benefits plans and policies on a regular basis and may modify or eliminate benefit plans and policies at any time for any reason.