Is there an active alumni network?

There is an active Clinton Foundation Intern Alumni Network through which alumni share job opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities.  Those who have successfully completed their internship will be invited to join the Alumni Network.

Does the internship increase my chances of getting a job in the Foundation?

The Clinton Foundation makes no promises or commitments of employment after the internship. No intern is entitled to a job at the conclusion of his/her internship experience.

What kind of career assistance does this internship provide?

We have events specifically geared towards career education. We hold a Career Day in New York City during the term, during which you have the opportunity to meet with staff  in the New York City office to discuss your career interests and receive career advice. Additionally we have a Career Panel near the end of each term with 3-4 speakers from various sectors who give advice regarding entering their respective fields. Also, many of our Brown Bag Lectures illustrate the various education and career paths and opportunities available.

What if I need to have a job in order to do this internship?

We will be flexible with your schedule so that you can work; however, we do require a commitment of between 24 to 40 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters and 30 -40 hours per week during the summer semester. Intern schedules can be 3,4 or 5 days a week between 9-6, Monday through Friday. Your intern schedule is agreed upon with your intern coach, and will fall between the hours of  9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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