Intern Experience

The Clinton Foundation is proud to offer the Clinton Careers Internship Program for current students and recent graduates. This program is designed to provide students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to work in a professional position while building the career they would like to pursue upon graduation. The program has three primary components: hands-on work experience, educational and professional development, and mentorship. The program also includes a lecture series, social and community service events, and culminates in a final project to help guide participants beyond their Clinton Foundation experience. Internships are approximately three months in length, but can be up to one year in some instances.

Hands-on Experience

No matter the department, program, or initiative with which interns engage, each intern benefits from learning and gaining hands-on experience in a small team environment. Interns have the opportunity to interact with staff and key stakeholders on a daily basis, learn how projects are carried out, and participate in related educational activities. Interns are mentored by staff members in their fields of interest and have the opportunity to participate in the development of special projects.

Education and Professional Development

The Clinton Careers Internship Program provides interns with opportunities to develop themselves professionally, expand their technical knowledge, and learn about the operations of a global nonprofit. In addition to the skills learned during the internship, the program offers seminars and workshops targeted towards educational growth and professional development. Common programs include Excel seminars, panels, career days, and resume workshops.


Each intern is paired with a mentor at the Clinton Foundation. The mentor’s role is to facilitate personal and professional growth by sharing the knowledge and insights they have developed throughout their careers. Through this process, interns gain feedback, are offered guidance, and have someone within the Clinton Foundation to consult regarding their future.

Lecture Series

Our weekly lecture series features leaders from various sectors including nonprofits, businesses, entertainment, journalism, and public service. These sessions are intended to provide first-hand exposure to different areas of interest and an opportunity for interns to engage with and ask questions of experts in specific fields of interest. Although lecturers change every semester and depend on the availability of the speakers, past guests have included directors of nonprofits, staff at Fortune 500 companies, heads of departments and initiatives at the Clinton Foundation, individuals engaging in on-the-ground development projects around the world, and many more!

Participate in Intern Activities

The Internship Program offers many opportunities to participate in a range of exciting activities. Past offerings have included talks by renowned figures at the 92nd St. Y, tickets to Broadway shows, a walking tour of Harlem’s historical district, sporting events, and guided visits to numerous New York City attractions.

Opportunities for Community Service

Community service opportunities are available over the course of the semester. Community service opportunities are group activities geared toward fostering social interaction between interns and local communities. Program staff will inform interns about different opportunities and openings, although interns are also welcome to pursue engagements of their own interest. Past volunteer experiences have included participating in seasonal walks (AIDS Walk, Breast Cancer Walk, etc.), serving at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, sorting medical equipment for Doc to Dock, helping with events at the local YMCA (Healthy Kids Day, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.), building for Habitat for Humanity, volunteering for the Foundation’s Day of Action, and many more.