Sep 26
September 26, 2013

2013 CGI Annual Meeting: Closing Day Highlights


Today, President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton closed the ninth CGI Annual Meeting and announced the resulting commitments. Over the course of the meeting, CGI members made over 160 new Commitments to Action, expected to impact nearly 22.2 million lives and valued at more than $10.8 billion when fully funded and implemented.

These Commitments to Action are new, specific, and measurable plans for addressing a significant challenge area. No matter the size or scope, these commitments turn the ideas and work of the CGI community into tangible results by scaling existing successful initiatives or developing new partnerships across different sectors.

A Conversation with Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bishop Elias Taban

A Conversation with Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bishop Elias Taban

The Closing Plenary Session also featured a conversation (above) between Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bishop Elias Taban - a 2013 Clinton Global Citizen Award honoree. They discussed Taban's life journey and how he has mobilized many from South Sudan and Uganda in the wake of tragedy.

Chelsea Clinton announced Nike Foundation's new "The Girl Declaration: Girls in the Post-2015 Framework" commitment on-stage with two young participants in the program. The commitment is a call to action to embed adolescent girls in this post-2015 development framework.

In President Clinton's closing remarks (below), he invoked the Irish poet Seamus Heaney's "The Cure At Troy" and discussed the differences between "trendlines and headlines."

"Hope and History": President Bill Clinton's Closing Remarks from the 2013 CGI Annual Meeting

President Clinton's Closing Remarks from #CGI2013

The Closing Plenary Session capped off a full day of programming and announcements at the Annual Meeting:

1. Creating Business at the Base of the Pyramid

Panelists - including Bunker Roy of Barefoot College and Hikmet Ersek, President and CEO of the Western Union Company - discussed how businesses can partner with those living at the base of the economic pyramid.

Watch the full session on CGI's Livestream channel.

2. Game-Changers in Technology

This panel explored how new technological innovations and trends — such as 3-D printing and crowdsourcing — will effectively change the way we design, create, and interact with products and services.


Secretary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and African government leaders including the Presidents of Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Gabon, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ministers from Botswana and Zambia made a commitment announcement to form the Partnership to Save Africa's Elephants. This new commitments aims to end elephant poaching by addressing poaching, trafficking, and international demand, by partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society, the African Wildlife Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Save the Elephants, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

4. Esperanza Azteca National Youth Orchestra

Launched in 2010 as a CGI Commitment to Action, this program is designed to transform the lives of thousands of children through the magical and transformational powers of music. Watch the youth orchestra perform in the Closing Plenary Session.

5. The Myth and Promise of Data for Social Impact

CGI members participated in a Commitment Case Studies session focused around the use of data in CGI commitments. Read the full recap here.