Jun 18
June 18, 2014

The No Ceilings Survey: Amplify Your Voice


At No Ceilings, we’re working to help chart a path forward with a 21st policy agenda to advance the full participation of women and girls around the world.

To us, full participation means women and girls have the same opportunity to pursue their dreams as everybody else. Yet, today, women still make up the majority of the world’s unhealthy, unfed, and unpaid.  There is so much more we must do to help women and girls have the opportunity to live up to their potential.  However, in order to understand what more we need to do, we need to understand how far we have come.  

No Ceilings is focused on aggregating data over the last 20 years so we can best understand the gains made and the gaps that remain, and so we can identify what we need to do to best accelerate full economic, political, social and cultural participation for women and girls around the world.

The data will be critical to the success of No Ceilings, but it is also really important to go beyond the numbers to hear the individual voices, thoughts and experiences of women and girls who may face challenges each day that hold them back from reaching their full potential. 

To help us understand the hopes, aspirations, and experiences of many women and girls throughout the world, we hope you will complete our No Ceilings Survey. The survey asks for your thoughts on what has been achieved by and for women and girls, and what obstacles to full participation need to be addressed in your countries and communities.

The more stories and experiences we hear, the more we can understand what we need to do to move change forward.

Your voice and your opinion are so important to us, so I hope you will join the conversation by taking our No Ceilings Survey, to tell us about the experiences of women in your community and your country, and share this with others so they may participate as well.

Visit: to take the survey now.