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Jul 16
July 16, 2014

Asia 2014: Day 1 Recap


Today marked the beginning of President Clinton's 8-day trip across the Asia-Pacific region that will span through India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.  
Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
While in Jaipur, India President Clinton visited the Jaipur Kitchen. The kitchen is part of a CGI Commitment made in 2008 by the Deshpande Foundation, Ravindra Chamaria, and the Government of India to provide $7 million to scale up the AkshayaPatra school lunch program. To date, 20 kitchens from the Akshaya Patra Foundation's commitment feed more than 1.3 million students in over 10,500 government schools across 10 states. Upon arrival, the President and his delegation were greeted by a group of students and their school band. During the tour of the kitchen, they saw how meals for the kitchens are prepared.  
Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
Later in the afternoon, President Clinton visited the Government Secondary Sanskrit School where he met the direct beneficiaries and saw the commitment in action. During the visit, he also spoke to students and teachers about how the program has been successful in reaching out to children who are especially at-risk of missing out on education due to poverty and/or malnutrition, and the importance to poor families of generating income. In a lighthearted moment, the President witnessed kids at the school solving math problems on a blackboard faster than Desh Deshpande on a scientific calculator. 
Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
CGI convenes leaders to drive action through its unique model. Rather than directly implementing projects, CGI facilitates action by helping members connect, collaborate, and make effective and measurable Commitments to Action. A Commitment to Action—the defining feature of CGI—is a plan for addressing a significant global challenge. Commitments can be small or large and financial or nonmonetary in nature. Many commitments are the result of cross-sector partnerships, with CGI members combining efforts to expand their impact. CGI supports the development of commitments by facilitating dialogue, providing opportunities to identify partners, showcasing the actions taken by commitment-makers, and communicating results.
The kitchens all across India have created 5,800 jobs for members of the community who prepare and distribute the meals every day.
Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
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Tomorrow, President Clinton will travel to Lucknow, India, where he will visit a Clinton Health Access Initiative project that is advancing proper treatment for diarrhea and host a dialogue, “Entrepreneurship in Action: A No Ceilings Conversation," with 20 women from a local Self Help Group. Read how you can stay up to date with our #CFAsia2014 trip.