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Jul 17
July 17, 2014

Asia 2014: Day 2 Recap


On the second day of his trip to Asia to see the Clinton Foundation’s work, President Bill Clinton visited the Jabrauli village outside Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, to tour a school and community center that, through the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), are providing health care training and information about using zinc and oral rehydration salts (zinc-ORS) to treat diarrhea
Diarrhea is one of the leading killers of children under five in India with over 212,000 children dying each year nationally; of those, 60,000 are in the state of Uttar Pradesh. However, while zinc-ORS treatment can prevent over 90 percent of diarrhea-related deaths, less than 5 percent of children are receiving the complete treatment. In Uttar Pradesh, India, where President Clinton visited today, over 90 percent of districts have now received adequate supplies of zinc-ORS and the reporting of diarrheal cases has increased significantly to 42 percent. As of June 2014, 500,000 children benefitted from zinc-ORS treatment through private sector intervention in Uttar Pradesh, India.
Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
To see this important work in action, President Clinton first joined a classroom of local students and their principal who were learning from CHAI-trained field workers about zinc-ORS as a treatment for diarrhea. With local mothers, he participated in a demonstration with a regional medical provider to learn about the symptoms to watch for and how to make and provide the treatment to their children. By mixing these at home, the zinc-ORS can be easily prevent death. President Clinton also joined a presentation to regional medical providers to train them on the zinc-ORS benefits so they can help spread the message and delivery process to even more in the community.
Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
Next, as part of a convening of No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, four groups of 25 women discussed with Clinton Foundation staff the challenges, successes, and opportunities they’ve experienced as a woman in their community, family and economy. The women are from local self-help groups – voluntary groups of women that pool financial resources in order to provide their members with access to micro-loans and other economic opportunities. At what was the first No Ceilings conversation held in Asia, but the fifth held since the initiative’s launch in 2013, President Clinton heard a number of stories from women and girls who attended. 
Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
While every woman’s story and perspective was different, common among them was an enthusiastic spirit and the importance of supporting one another to improve their own situation, whether it be in the home, in the community or their local economy. 
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Tomorrow, President Clinton will travel to Vietnam, where he will visit the Ba Vi Orphanage outside Hanoi, where the Clinton Health Access Initiative has been working on HIV and TB-related work since 2006. Stay up to date with our #CFAsia2014 trip and check out highlights on our Facebook page.