Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
Jul 19
July 19, 2014

Built Back Better: Banda Aceh 10 Years Later


When the Indian Ocean tsunami struck on December 26, 2004, it took the lives of 230,000 people  – making it one of deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. President Clinton joined President George H.W. Bush to help with recovery efforts, and then at the request of U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, continued to support recovery efforts with U.N. Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery. President Clinton envisioned an unprecedented international relief effort, which not only promised to rebuild these countries, but also to rebuild them so that people could live better lives than they lived before the tragedy. As a result of support from the global community and strong leadership, ten years later, we’re able to see how these families, communities, and countries have been able to build back better. 

In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the tsunami, President Clinton’s visited Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where he saw how the community has built back better, shown in the photos below.


(L) Joe Reilly / (R) Terry Krinvic / Clinton Foundation

(L) Joe Reilly / (R) Terry Krinvic / Clinton Foundation

Watch videos of President Clinton's visit to Banda Aceh today on Instagram and YouTube, and read United Nations Senior Adviser Jehane Sedky's reflections on the tsunami recovery efforts