Mar 24
March 24, 2015

Clinton Foundation Is Helping Haiti


Mary O’Grady continues to conflate the roles of many rebuilding organizations working in Haiti and continues to ascribe decision-making power to both President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton where it never existed (“The Clinton Foundation and Haiti Contracts,” Americas, March 9).

Her latest piece focuses on a road-building contract granted in 2009 by the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB)—an organization in which neither President Clinton nor Secretary Clinton have ever had any decision-making role or authority whatsoever. But because both the IDB and OAS SA, the Brazilian construction firm that was awarded the contract, happen to be among the more than 300,000 individuals and organizations that have donated to the Clinton Foundation, Ms. O’Grady has dreamt up a conflict of interest that simply does not exist.

Here are the facts: The Clinton Foundation has received only one donation from that OAS, in 2013, for the very specific purpose of sponsoring a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in the firm’s home country, Brazil. Although the IDB has been a longtime supporter of the CGI, President Clinton, Secretary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have never been involved in the contract between OAS and the IDB.

Ms. O’Grady is missing the most important story: The Clinton Foundation’s efforts are lifting lives, improving incomes and creating sustainable economic growth in Haiti.

The above letter first appeared in the Wall Street Journal on March 24, 2015. See the original article here.