Apr 10
April 10, 2015

Highlights: Chelsea Clinton Speaks at Harvard


On April 9, 2015, Chelsea Clinton participated in Harvard University’s Voices in Leadership webcast series to discuss her work at the Clinton Foundation, focusing on her experience with its health programs. In case you missed the live webcast, here are some highlights from Chelsea’s remarks:

On the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s work on HIV/AIDS:

"Now the cost of ARVs is between $100-200... 8.2 million of [those with HIV/AIDS] access treatment through more than 70 agreements that the Clinton Foundation helped to negotiate."

On heart health and childhood obesity:

"We’re always trying to work ourselves out of a job, so [we are doing this work] because childhood obesity is recognized as not just a moral imperative, but also an economic and security imperative that we must try to correct."

On global health and governance:

"One of the challenges we face is that so often we focus on only what’s in front of us… Understanding the state in which any one narrative occurred [is important], whether it be Ebola, or a case of AIDS…from a donor standpoint, a multilateral standpoint, and a foundation standpoint."

On women and girls:

"I’m deeply passionate about every issue on girls and women. I never thought I could care more about the issues surrounding women and girls until I became a mother."
"The world has moved beyond us and we need to make the right choice for the future to catch up."

On leadership:

"We must work to be more efficient and more effective, have a clear sense of what we are passionate about, and draw on our cohorts and mentors in a way that drives us forward."