Andrea Williamson-English

Healthy Schools Program Champion; The Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Andrea Williamson-English is a school nurse at the Creative School of Inquiry at Chestnut Mountain Elementary School in Flowery Branch, Ga.

Keeping her staff updated through “State of the Wellness Initiative” addresses, Williamson-English has helped lead her school through what she describes as a “beautiful metamorphosis.” With help from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation—an organization founded by the American Heart Association and William J. Clinton Foundation to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity—and its Healthy Schools Program, the Chestnut Mountain wellness council succeeded in taking action that will result in sustainable healthy changes around campus.

For instance, Williamson-English worked to increase time for physical and health education. She applied for grants to bring new resources to the school and partnered with community organizations such as the YMCA to help supplement the school’s nutrition education program. She has built a strong and diverse wellness council, and even invited a Spanish-language interpreter to join the meetings to ensure open communication between families and the school.