Daniel Muller

Youth Advisory Board Member; The Alliance For A Healthier Generation

Daniel Muller is a 17-year-old high school senior from Weston, Connecticut. He is actively involved in his community, demonstrated by his weekly volunteer work at Whittingham Cancer Center and his service for the past three years as his temple youth group’s Social Action Vice President and Programming Vice President. In that role, Daniel organized trips to New York City to provide necessities to the homeless and incorporated social action into almost every youth group event. Now, he is the President of his temple youth group. Daniel is also an avid trombone-player; he has been selected three times for the Western Connecticut Regional Music Festival and twice as a Connecticut All-State trombonist. He plays in the nearby Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra, which performed in Germany and Austria this summer, and his high school’s jazz band. Daniel loves to read, and would one day love to specialize in global health.

As a Youth Advisory Board member, Daniel has taught a program in a kindergarten class to empower kids with healthy habits by focusing on the advantages of an active and nutritious lifestyle. In addition, Daniel has worked with food-service providers to improve the quality of school lunches and encourage kids to make healthier choices. Since swapping cookies with fruit around cash registers, kids are consuming a noticeably greater quantity of fruits. At Weston’s Relay for Life cancer walk, Daniel operated a booth that distributed information about living healthy lifestyles to event participants. Daniel has also developed his role on the Health and Wellness Committee at his high school by taking part in the Nutrition Subcommittee that facilitates district-wide improvements.