Danyel Johnson

Youth Advisory Board Member, The Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Danyel is a hard working, inspiring 11-year-old Native American from the Navajo Reservation of the Sanostee and Tohatchi area. She is Many Hogan’s (Hooghanlani) born for the Water-Flow-Together clan (Tó’aheedlínii) and Bitter Water (Tódích’íii’hii), and her maternal grandfathers are Salt People (Ashįį’); her paternal clan, the Zuni Clan (Naasht’ézhí Din’e’é). An avid learner by nature, she excels in reading, math, science, and the Navajo language, and still makes time to keep herself living healthy and maintains physical activity by participating in running, baseball (catcher for the Gallup Pirates), and basketball.

As a part of her work Danyel, over the past year, was able to spread awareness to her peers by helping with a school field day showcasing a variety of Navajo related activities to get kids up and moving. Danyel was the president of her student council at Tohatchi Elementary School, a member of the wellness program at her school and president of the Diné Club. Combining both her love for her Navajo culture and her go-healthy lifestyle, Danyel practices her traditional dances and singing as part of modeling a healthy lifestyle for her peers and for the young and old in her community. She is passionate about keeping her language alive and restoring harmony and healthy lives in the Navajo youth.