Donna Karan

Founder, Donna Karan International

Donna Karan, founder of Donna Karan Intl. seeks not only to dress people, but to address them, mind, body and spirit. In 2007, she founded the Urban Zen Foundation, dedicated to three interconnected objectives: Preservation of Culture (The Past), Integrative Healthcare (The Present) and the Empowerment of Children (The Future.) Urban Zen stores marry philanthropy and commerce, selling Urban Zen lifestyle as well as global artisan treasures, while the Urban Zen Center is site to numerous exhibits, lectures and forums. Urban Zen's Integrative Therapy (UZIT) is a groundbreaking program that integrates Western medicine with Eastern healing techniques with over 50 Urban Zen-certified therapists practicing today. In 2010, Urban Zen launched Hope, Help & Relief Haiti by collaborating with leaders in music, fashion, film, finance and art to help Haiti after the earthquake. Currently, Karan is working with The Clinton Global Initiative to develop and support Haitian business opportunities for US consumerism.