Frank Pope & David Daballen

Chief Operating Officer and Field Operations Officer, Save the Elephants

Frank Pope is the Chief Operating Officer at Save the Elephants. Frank studied zoology at the University of Edinburgh. After leading coral reef survey expeditions he began a 7-year fascination with shipwrecks, working around the world for Oxford University's Maritime Archaeological Research & Excavation unit. He then joined London's newspaper The Times as the world's only Ocean Correspondent to cover the fast-changing science and environment of the sea, during which he published 72 Hours (Orion, 2011) and made the BBC series "Britain's Secret Seas".


David Daballen is the Field Operations Officer at Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. David ihas worked for STE for over a decade now. He has been featured in several films and documentaries (BBC, Nat Geo, etc) and in addition has been quoted severally on the local media houses on wildlife related matters.