Frantz Fanfan and Kevin Adair

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Frantz Fanfan

General Manager

Frantz Fanfan, General Manager, speaks Spanish, English, Haitian Creole and French and he has worked in Fuego del Sol (FdS) management since its inception in 2005. Frantz grew up in the Dominican Republic where his career spanned farming, construction, and tourism. He was Recycling Director for the FdS Punta Cana waste management project. Currently Frantz oversees all aspects of Fuego del Sol operations. Frantz has led operations for FdS and associated organizations, including coordinating the construction of an orphanage in Port-a-Prince that was built from recycled and donated materials.


Kevin Adair 

President, Fuego del Sol

Kevin Adair, President of Fuego del Sol, has, since 2005, dedicated his life to connecting the people and cultures of Haiti and the DR with social services, ecological technology, and global visitors. Kevin researched and designed the briquettes themselves, and the high production, manual, industrial briquette press. Kevin is now working with a combustion engineer to design and produce the most efficient briquette stoves, made from materials available in Haiti. Kevin assembled the project team and coordinates FdS in Haiti and internationally through promotion and development of Fuego del Sol.