Shelley Clay

Chief Executive Officer, Papillon Enterprise

Shelley Clay is a social entrepreneur and mother of four. Two of her kids are adopted from Haiti where she resides full time with her family. She was raised in a military family and her upbringing enables her to be adaptable, comfortable in cross cultural situations and aware of a bigger picture issues. Her desire is to see the issues of poverty tackled through sustainable economic empowerment of the poor. Shelley is the director of a nonprofit organization in Haiti, the "Apparent Project,” which exists to give job skills to heads of households and particularly mothers in order to prevent child relinquishment. From the success of the Apparent Project, was birthed a social business, "Papillon Enterprise", which translates those new creative skills into sustainable jobs. She runs an artisan center in Port Au Prince, Haiti and Papillon sells its artisan goods - jewelry, textiles, pottery, and more - all over the world.