Vanessa Upegui

ACSM Certified Fitness Profesional; New York, NY

Vanessa was born in Colombia, she moved to the USA when she was 12. After many adventures her passion for sport and fitness led her to study to become a fitness professional at the Fitness Institute of South Florida, afterwards being certified by the ACSM.

Fluent in English, Spanish and with an eye for fashion, it was inevitable that she would end up in New York City. A fixture of the West Village, Vanessa is always smiling and can often be found drinking strong coffee, walking her dog Milo or showing up the guys with how much she can lift in the local gym.

Vanessa trains her clients all around NYC and specializes in prenatal and postnatal training, weight management, and nutrition. Her philosophy is to build core strength and use corrective exercise to improve injuries without the need for surgery. She is also a wonderful chef who can make almost any meal healthy, try her vegan pancakes!