Jan 12

Agriculture: The Heart of Haiti

Agriculture is the heart and soul of Haiti. We are a nation of farmers, with an estimated more than two million smallholder farms throughout Haiti. The most important development over the last five years has been the growing understanding and support for the role of the smallholder farmer as a cornerstone of the economy.

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Photo Credit (L-R): Global Partnership for Afghanistan / Henry Ngalazi
Oct 16

Three Perspectives on the State of Food Systems Today

In recognition of World Food Day, CGI spoke to three different commitment-makers to get their perspectives on the work they are doing to drive change in food production in different geographies and communities.
President Clinton at the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence

A Hand-Up Rather Than a Handout: President Clinton's Unique Public Service

Jul 19, 2012
Yesterday, July 18, was Nelson Mandela Day in nearly every country in the world – a day that asks us to spend time serving others, in the spirit of Mandela himself. Yet for President Clinton, who has been so inspired by Mandela’s life and work, every day...
AGOA and the Emerging African Market

AGOA and the Emerging African Market

Jul 13, 2012
When President Clinton signed the African Growth and Opportunity Act into law in 2000, he ushered in a new era of relations between the U.S. and the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. As a result of AGOA, the U.S. engagement on the continent is no longer solely predicated on a donor-recipient relationship...