Apr 22

Getting to the Root: Curing our Environment to Cure our Ills

When many of us think about health and how to improve it for ourselves and for others, we envision hospitals, healthy foods, physical activity, and lifesaving devices. But what about visions of clean air, accessible and abundant water, and moderate temperatures?

Five Questions on How HEAL Works

Feb 4, 2014
With the HEAL program already making an overwhelming impact and expanding exponentially every day, we asked HEAL Program Manager Martha Jane Murray and Deputy Manager Keith Canfield five questions about how the program is reducing energy consumption and energy bills – and changing the way companies do business and how employees live.
Shaping the future of Public Service

Shaping the Future of Public Service

Sep 21, 2013
On my first day at the Clinton School, I walked into the classroom at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Center and immediately started introducing myself. Students were from coast to coast in the United States and places as far away as Bhutan. This exciting moment highlighted one of the definitive strengths of the Clinton School: the diversity of the student body.