Max Orenstein / Clinton Foundation
Apr 30

New York’s Innovation Challenge

New York State wants to give New Yorkers the data and tools they need to help inform their health care decisions. Last fall, New York’s Department of Health released comprehensive patient-level data for all hospital discharges on the Department’s open health data portal, Health Data NY.
Jul 24

Featured Solutions: Food, Faith, & Family

The Problem: Home cooked family meals are gradually disappearing from the American experience. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), American families spent 48.7 percent of their food budget eating away from home in 2011, dwarfing the 26.8 percent spent by families only fifty years earlier.
Solving the Prescription Drug Misuse Tragedy- Blog 06/07/2013

Solving the Prescription Drug Misuse Tragedy

May 7, 2013
An addiction scientist named Tom McLellan told me that he was once visiting one of America’s top colleges, sitting in the office of the school’s president, who was bemoaning the fact that he was losing a student or two a year to drug overdoses. Indeed, there’s been a dramatic up-tick – triple the number from four years ago...
CHMI Works with Partners to Address the Prevalence of Prescription Drug Misuse-Blog 05/06/2013

CHMI Works with Partners to Address the Prevalence of Prescription Drug Misuse

May 6, 2013
Today, President Clinton joined NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, New York University President John Sexton, and National Institute on Drug Abuse Director Dr. Nora Volkow MD for a panel discussion moderated...
Improving Women’s Heart Health

Improving Women’s Heart Health

Feb 14, 2013
While it is always important for us to take steps to improve all aspects of our health, this month, I encourage you to focus specifically on your cardiovascular health. As we recognize February as American Heart Month, it is critical for us understand just how deeply cardiovascular disease is affecting...