Nov 30

How Do We Design for Impact in Health Care?

Imagine the power of having all your health care data, your family history, your doctor’s visits, the medications you’ve taken since birth, all in one app.

Nov 12

After the Codeathon: Supporting Early Stage Innovators

In early 2010, health met the hackathon as part of a public-private partnership between the US Government and healthcare innovation advocates …

Bringing Women into the Solution: Women's Health Codeathons

Nov 7, 2014

Until recently, I’d never heard the word brogrammer. The term—used to refer to male coders like those in the testosterone-fueled, high-tech development hives in HBO’s Silicon Valley—also embodies a stark truth: There are very few women in digital engineering.

Why We Need More Women In Digital Health

Aug 7, 2014

Today, there is a concerning lack of women’s leadership in the rapidly growing field of digital health. This underrepresentation in the digital health space has critical implications for women’s health, and the industry as a whole. For instance, as of 2013, women only composed 14% of partners …