Mar 24

Clinton Foundation Is Helping Haiti

Mary O’Grady continues to conflate the roles of many rebuilding organizations working in Haiti and continues to ascribe decision-making power to both President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton where it never existed (

Seeds of Progress in Haiti

Jan 12, 2015
I’m a native New Yorker, who grew up listening to Moman Kreyol every Sunday morning on WLIB – the AM radio station that was the New York Haitian community’s weekly connection to life in Haiti. Every summer I would make my pilgrimage to Haiti to see my grandmother who was determined that I knew my Haitian roots.

Highlights from the Clinton Presidential Center 10-Year Celebration

Nov 21, 2014

Last weekend, a decade after the Clinton Presidential Center first opened its doors on November 18, 2004, President Bill Clinton, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton hosted hundreds of friends, supporters, and alumni in Little Rock, Arkansas for “The Work …