May 06

Highlights from CGI Middle East & Africa

Regional and global leaders gather this week at CGI Middle East & Africa in Marrakech, Morocco, to make new Commitments to Action and generate solutions to a variety of topics, from youth employment to natural resource management.
May 05

Join the Global Conversation: CGI Middle East & Africa

This week, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) will hold the CGI Middle East & Africa Meeting in Marrakech, Morocco from May 5-7. Hosted by President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, the meeting will convene regional and global leaders from civil society, business, and government, to …

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Why African Environmentalism Needs Women at the Helm

Apr 22, 2015
Nearly 40 years ago, women in the Kenyan countryside reported a troubling phenomenon: their streams were drying up, their crops were failing, and they were being forced to travel farther and farther away from their villages to gather wood for fuel, building and fencing. Deforestation, in short, was threatening their livelihoods.

Getting to the Root: Enriching the Land to Enrich Livelihoods

Apr 22, 2015

Smallholder farmers live off their land. They depend on the strength of their agricultural systems, using their land to grow food to feed their families while harvest surpluses are sold in markets for supplemental income.