Happy 20th Anniversary, AmeriCorps!

Congratulations to AmeriCorps on 20 years of inspiring citizens to make lasting change. Celebrate the spirit of service: make a pledge to improve your own community.


Celebrate 20 Years of Service

When President Clinton signed the National Community Service and Trust Act, paving the way for AmeriCorps, he had a vision of uniting citizens who desired to serve their communities with organizations of opportunity. AmeriCorps and other service organizations have strived to fulfill that vision, spurring an ongoing movement of engaged citizens creating lasting, positive change. In 20 years, AmeriCorps' 900,000 members have contributed more than 1 billion hours of service.

This spirit of service inspires the Clinton Foundation's current work around the world, and our upcoming CGI commitments to convene individuals and organizations to strengthen communities. Take action with us by pledging 10 actions to improve your community below.


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