Action Networks

Action Networks are part of the year-round CGI membership experience. Stemming from the established traction and momentum of member interest in a specific issue or region, Action Networks support a community and year-long plan of engagement to strengthen commitments and drive more targeted action in the identified space. Action Networks are assessed on an annual basis to ensure relevance and continued progress, and conclude their tenure when appropriate. 

Elephants Action Network

Focuses on the conservation of African elephant populations by raising public awareness, as well as by addressing the poaching, trafficking, and demand aspects of the illicit ivory trade. Learn More »

Haiti Action Network

Meets quarterly in Port-au-Prince to discuss cross-sector coordination and workshop CGI Commitments to Action in Haiti. Learn More »

Non-Communicable Diseases Action Network

Addresses the rising global prevalence of NCDs through cross-sector partnership and collaboration. Learn More »

U.S. Youth Employment Action Network

Mobilizes CGI members to share best practices, engage employers, and expand training, hiring, and mentoring for opportunity youth. Learn More »