The Elephants Action Network was created in response to a landmark Commitment to Action announced at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2013 Annual Meeting, uniting a number of CGI members in a collective effort to save Africa’s elephants. The Action Network coordinates the diverse work of members active in elephant conservation to achieve more substantive and expansive impact. Without continual and committed work in this space, African elephants may disappear within the next decade.

The Action Network focuses on a range of issues, including capacity building to address poaching on a local scale, ranger and enforcement training, quantification of poaching conviction rates, illegal ivory supply chains, and international security and trafficking networks. The Action Network also prioritizes demand reduction campaigns, raising public awareness, and broadening diverse stakeholder engagement.


  • Encourage cooperation, foster partnerships, and increase transparency among actors in the space to make a lasting, positive impact on elephant conservation.
  • Coordinate efforts to design solutions, share best practices, and bring more awareness to high-priority action areas.
  • Redefine solutions to better recognize local community ownership, as well as social, cultural, and economic needs and aspirations.

Selected Commitments

Protecting Elephants: Law Enforcement and Conservation
Commitment by: Frankfurt Zoological Society
Commitment Partners: Tanzania National Parks Authority; Tanzania Wildlife Division; Zambia Wildlife Authority; Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority

In 2014, Frankfurt Zoological Society-US (FZS-US) committed to expand conservation support in four African wilderness areas with globally significant elephant populations: the Serengeti ecosystem and the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, the North Luangwa ecosystem in Zambia, and Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe. Read more »