The Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Call to Action explores opportunities to build partnerships and generate Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitments to Action to help contain the Ebola outbreak, build stronger healthcare systems, and support the economic and social rehabilitation of the affected areas.

The current Ebola outbreak—most prevalent in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea—has claimed thousands of lives and put significant stress on West African economies. Within these countries, already-vulnerable health care systems, lack of infrastructure, unreliable power supplies, and deficits in health worker capacity have crippled the ability to combat the spread of the disease. In addition, overwhelmed health care facilities have compromised the availability and quality of existing primary health services, resulting in a silent death toll from non-Ebola- related issues. While the international community continues to take the immediate necessary steps to stop the outbreak, it is simultaneously investing in health worker capacity and infrastructure that will help prevent future outbreaks.

Building on the initial commitments announced at the 2014 CGI Annual Meeting, this Call to Action asks CGI members—especially those in the corporate and international aid sectors—to work together to address the continued gaps and challenges related to the current Ebola outbreak and to help rebuild the affected areas. 


  • Human Resources for Health

  • Long-Term Infrastructure for Health

  • Economic and Social Rehabilitation


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