The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Girls & Women Integration’s ultimate goal is to lift millions of women around the world out of poverty—and with them, their families and entire communities. CGI Girls & Women Integration is working toward this goal by ensuring that the achievements, challenges, and the full inclusion of girls and women remain at the forefront of the global development agenda. To do this, CGI incorporates girls’ and women’s issues into its meeting programming throughout the year, and encourages all members to consider girls’ and women’s issues in the design and implementation of their cross-cutting interventions—new, specific, and measurable plans called Commitments to Action—whenever possible. These efforts underscore how engaging girls and women can lead to optimal results whether members are working on philanthropic or core business strategies to address global challenges.

To date, CGI Commitments to Action have empowered millions of girls and women by expanding access to education, increasing economic opportunity, and providing critical health care to mothers and their newborns.

2016 Focus Areas

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Human Rights
  • Leadership Opportunities


In 2015, Girls & Women Integration hosted and contributed to several gatherings over the course of the year:

  • Participants in the Girls & Women Strategy Session “The Economic Implications of Gender-Based Violence” explored gaps in achieving full equality for women, as well as methods to encourage female empowerment around the world.
  • Marking the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, the Annual Meeting Plenary Session “Unleashing Women’s Economic Opportunities” focused on the key priorities needed to advance the status of girls and women over the next 20 years. CGI members announced new Commitments to Action in support of these efforts.

Selected Commitments 

Girl Power Project®: Empowering 10,000 Vulnerable Girls 
Commitment by: Just Like My Child Foundation 
Commitment Partners: Bishop Asili Hospital; Elaine P. Wynn & Family Foundation; Population Council; Save for Health

In 2015, Just Like My Child Foundation and its partners committed to implement the Girl Power Project “System in a Box” in Uganda, which provides girls with tools to help evade forced child marriage, early pregnancy, and risky and life-threatening situations, as well as builds their sense of self-worth so they stay in school. The commitment encompasses a three-year pilot program designed to support 10,000 vulnerable adolescent girls, reaching 50-80 percent of girls in target communities. Read more »

Coalition to Improve Parental Workplace Support Practices 
Commitment by: American Academy of Pediatrics; Barclays plc; Danone US; EY; KKR; Nestlé
Commitment Partner: Cornell University 

In 2015, American Academy of Pediatrics, Barclays plc, Danone US, EY, KKR, and Nestlé committed to implement a range of parental workplace support practices that ultimately improve the health, development, and economic outcomes of both families and companies. These transformative practices around parental workplace support range from strategies like extending longer paid parental leave to providing transition support training. Read more »


Renée Joslyn
Director, Girls and Women Integration
[email protected]

Photo Credit: Julie Pudlowski / UNICEF