CGI members connect and collaborate year-round within nine broad and cross-cutting Tracks, each representing a topical global challenge or strategic approach. Each Track contains a number of stand-alone opportunities that bring members together to share knowledge, develop new Commitments to Action, and support work that is already underway. Tracks also contain Action Networks—small groups of CGI members that work on specific, ongoing topics.

CGI views girls and women (G&W) issues as a central theme to be integrated throughout members’ commitments and CGI’s meeting programming. Whether members are working on philanthropic or core business strategies to address global challenges—from alleviating poverty to increasing access to education—engaging G&W can lead to optimal results. CGI encourages all members to consider G&W in the design and implementation of their cross-cutting interventions whenever possible.

Track Icons - Built Environment - Blue - No Text   The Built Environment

Develops approaches to improve the environmental and social performance of human-made or altered surroundings. Learn More »

Track Icons - Education and Workforce Development - Blue - No Text   Education & Workforce Development

Concentrates on strategic investments that maximize human potential. Learn More »

Track Icons - Energy - Blue - No Text   Energy

Drives growth by developing solutions that provide safe, reliable, and sustainable access to energy services. Learn More »

Track Icons - Environmental Stewardship - Blue - No Text   Environmental Stewardship

Seeks to build toward ecological sustainability while promoting healthy and productive communities and businesses. Learn More »

Track Icons - Food Systems - Blue - No Text   Food Systems

Promotes efforts to strengthen agricultural livelihoods and improve nutrition outcomes while ensuring the responsible use of natural resources. Learn More »

Track Icons - Global Health - Blue - No Text   Global Health

Promotes equitable access to health as an essential component of global development efforts. Learn More »

Track Icons - Market-Based Approaches - Blue - No Text   Market-Based Approaches

Examines innovative business models and financing mechanisms that can create positive social impact. Learn More »

Track Icons - Response and Resilience - Blue - No Text   Response & Resilience

Focuses on issues of preparedness, response, reconstruction, and resilience across geographies. Learn More »

Track Icons - Technology - Blue - No Text   Technology

Explores the central role that information and communications technology plays in global development. Learn More »