Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) members in the Environmental Stewardship Track work across sectors to develop and implement holistic solutions that support both ecosystem protection and human well-being over the long term—linking the welfare, development, and security of communities, companies, and economies to the existence of healthy ecosystems. This year, the Track will emphasize the role companies and consumers play in sustainable natural resource management, as well as solutions to minimize the trade-offs between environmental resiliency and economic growth. Members will drive scalable action through cross-sector partnerships in these areas through ongoing events, workshops, and Commitments to Action.

2016 Focus Areas

  • Metrics, Data, and Mapping
  • Oceans
  • Supply Chains
  • Systems Thinking for Vulnerable Species Conservation
  • Valuing Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital
  • Waste


In 2015, members in this Track addressed challenges across a multitude of topics, including ocean ecosystem health, the resiliency of fisheries and coastal livelihoods, and the integration of natural capital into corporate value chains. CGI members also worked to strengthen sustainable livelihoods through the conservation of biodiversity, environmental and sustainability education, innovative financing mechanisms for achieving long term sustainability across nature and community, and metrics and indicators for evaluating impact. In 2016, the Environmental Stewardship Track will continue to drive scalable action in these areas through year-round events, commitment development workshops, and the Elephants Action Network.

Selected Commitments

Groundwater: Data to Drive Action Toward Sustainability
Commitment by: Qlik Technologies
Commitment Partners: Circle of Blue; Columbia Water Center; Pacific Institute; Twitter, Inc; University of California, Irvine

In 2015, Qlik and its partners committed to create dashboards and visualizations that display the groundwater supplies and related water flows in California and the American West in order to help inform and impact important water decisions such as allocation, policy changes, pricing, crisis response, and infrastructure. Read more »

Blue Guardians: Protecting Oceans & Enabling Blue Economies
Commitment by: DigitalGlobe
Commitment Partners: Federated States of Micronesia, Global Environment Facility, GPC Group, Waitt Foundation, SIDS DOCK, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Republic of Seychelles, Clinton Climate Initiative, Conservation International, GRID-Arendal, The Nature Conservancy, World Bank Group, Esri, Waitt Institute 

In 2015, DigitalGlobe and the Blue Guardians partnership committed to provide the geospatial data, information and planning tools, technical assistance, and financial support as requested by Small Island Developing States (SIDS) through SIDS DOCK. Read more »


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