The Market-Based Approaches Track concentrates on business and capital market resources as tools for inclusive socioeconomic development. Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) members in this Track work to support businesses in reshaping their core strengths, transform philanthropy to better address global challenges, and build cross-sector partnerships that pursue social impact beyond financial return. The diverse actors in this space include entrepreneurs, small- to medium-sized impact enterprises, individual and institutional philanthropists and investors, and multinational corporations.

2016 Focus Areas

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Impact Investing
  • Inclusive Business
  • Small and Growing Businesses and Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chains


In 2015, members in this Track discussed a variety of topics, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Impact Investing: Members discussed strategies to encourage earlier-stage impact investing and the required partnership between grant and investment capital for impact entrepreneurs, developing several commitments in this space.
  • Supply Chains: A primary topic included advancing public-private partnerships through core inclusive business approaches such as shared value, sustainable supply chains, and finance approaches that integrate economic, social, and governance factors.
  • Financial Inclusion: Members attended sessions on increasing access to quality financial products and services for underserved populations, especially women, using mobile technology.

Selected Commitments

Enhancing Livelihoods Investment Initiative (ELII)
Commitment by: Acumen, Unilever, Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership

In February 2015, Unilever, Acumen, and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership launched the commitment with the objective of dramatically improving the livelihoods of over 300,000 smallholder farmers by scaling businesses and linking them to global supply chains and distribution networks—all while creating a new model for development that catalyzes economic growth. Read more »

P.A.C.E. Academy: Learning Programs to Advance Women and Girls
Commitment by: Gap Inc.
Commitment Partners: Swasti Health Resources, CARE, International Center for Research on Women

In 2015, Gap Inc. committed to adapt and expand its Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement Program (P.A.C.E.) to support a total of 1 million women and girls over the next five years. Read more »



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