The Response & Resilience Track provides a space for Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) members to explore a range of topics, including natural disaster preparedness and response, support for humanitarian crises, and post-conflict reconstruction. CGI members in this Track share lessons learned in an effort to identify how corporations, NGOs, governments, and civil society can effectively coordinate efforts to prepare for and reduce the impact of conflict and disaster.

2016 Focus Areas

  • Disaster Preparedness: Managing Risk
  • Education in Emergencies
  • Haiti
  • Jordan and the Syrian Refugee Crisis


In 2015, the Haiti Action Network continued to host multiple inperson meetings in Port-au-Prince. Members explored a variety of issues including agriculture, education, health, and enterprise development. Following President Bill Clinton’s call to action at the 2014 Winter Meeting to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis and its impact on Jordan, CGI continued to convene members via regular working group calls to discuss opportunities to partner with the Jordanian government in a range of sectors—including energy, education, health, entrepreneurship, and employment generation. CGI hosted teleconferences following the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and several commitments were made to address various response and reconstruction efforts.

Selected Commitments

Combating Ebola: Airlift of 100 Tons of Medical Aid
Commitment by: Direct Relief 
Commitment Partner: Africare; Becton, Dickinson and Company; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Christian Aid Ministries; Government of Liberia; Last Mile Health; Medical Research Centre, Sierra Leone; Merck & Co., Inc.; Wellbody Alliance

In 2014, Direct Relief committed to support the governments of Liberia and Sierra Leone in their efforts to respond to the Ebola outbreak, the first of its kind in West Africa, with partners including Last Mile Health. Read more »

New Financial Models for Humanitarian Response
Commitment by: Start Network
Commitment Partners: Airbnb;; Concern Worldwide; GlobalAgRisk; Oxfam GB; International Medical Corps; World Vision

In 2015, the Start Network and its partners committed to improving the way the humanitarian sector responds to disasters by developing a layered menu of funding mechanisms to enable faster and more effective response by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  Read more »


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