The Great Movement / Last ResortDocu-Series

Commitment by SteadiCam Associates

In 2018, SteadiCam Associates and Trieste Associates Inc. commited to creating an outreach program designed to educate local communities about technological innovations in various sectors including agriculture, energy, and infrastructure that promote recovery and long-term resiliency. These technological innovations include advances in  solar power and storage, as well as re-fab steel building solutions that can withstand severe winds and serve as shelters, stockpile centers, and houses. Despite these advances there is a lack of basic understanding of energy conservation strategies and these new recovery technologies in many local Caribbean communities, preventing individuals and communities from making informed decisions about these solutions. Furthermore, there is a lack of advocacy for these technologies in the larger community, which has led to a absence of investment.  The outreach program includes a community education program and a docu-series that captures the use of various technologies that can be used as an education tool to reach a more widespread audience.



The Great Movement / Last ResortDocu-Series



Est. Duration

1 Year

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St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

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SteadiCam Associates

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Trieste Associates Inc