Resilient Power for the PR Emergency Operations Center

Commitment by Empowered by Light

In 2019, Empowered by Light (EBL) and its partners committed to install a resilient energy system for the Puerto Rico Emergency Operations Center (EOC), to be powered by a solar and storage microgrid. During the power outage following Hurricane Maria, the EOC was unable to accept emergency calls, dispatch first responders, and serve as the central coordinating hub for emergency response on the island. The new renewable energy installation will include a 44-kW solar array and a 270-kWh battery bank to power essential loads, including 24 computers, 12 screens, a central server, communications equipment, and other essential appliances. This will allow the EOC to continue to coordinate emergency response in the case of grid outages. EBL and partners will also train EOC staff to operate and maintain the system.



Resilient Power for the PR Emergency Operations Center



Est. Duration

1 Year

Estimated Total Value



Latin America & Caribbean



Commitment by

Empowered by Light

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Fluidic Energy; Aireko Enterprises; Puerto Rico Firefighter Corps; AZ Engineering LLC; Solar Responders; NantEnergy

In order to ensure the accessibility and continuity of emergency services to people across Puerto Rico in the case of a major storm, Empowered by Light (EBL) will develop, project manage, and donate a 44-kilowatt solar system at the Emergency Operations Center, paired with 270-kilowatt-hours of energy storage. Under normal operation, this solar and storage system provides 32 hours of total backup time. This will ensure backup power to 24 computers, 12 screens, the server, communications equipment, and other essential appliances. This microgrid project will also include a secondary utilization of an existing diesel generator for additional backup resiliency. EBL will partner with the local Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firm, Aireko Energy Group, to install the installation.

Aireko has donated $30,000 of in-kind labor. NantEnergy has contributed the 270-kilowatt-hour energy storage system. EBL has allocated $100,000 of its own resources towards this project. Solar Responders will contribute $43,754 towards the project in funding.

Once the system is installed, three first responders that operate the EOC will be trained to maintain the system. Additionally, an emergency response plan will be developed so that the EOC staff can ensure the solar and storage system operates continuously in the case of a major grid outage.

EBL has led the fundraising effort for the EOC Project, managed the relationships and negotiations with all partners, and liaised with the Puerto Rico Fire Department. EBL will oversee the design of the project, reviews of the technical proposals, and development of appropriate agreements to ensure the smooth execution of the full system.

June 2019: Completion of the designs of the solar and storage system; Coordination with EOC staff around installation timelines; Coordination with funding partners; Delivery of battery storage system.
July 2019 to August 2019: Aireko completes the installation of the solar and battery system with project management support from Zayas Engineering and EBL.

August 2019 to September 2019: Zayas Engineering conducts training of facility managers; EBL works with EOC staff to develop of appropriate disaster preparedness plan; EBL coordinates with partners for media announcement of project.


In September 2017, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico and left more than 90% of the island without power. In 2018, the official death toll became 2975 people, many of whom died due to a combination of existing health problems and a lack of access to life-saving electricity.

Hurricane Maria demonstrated that the ability of Puerto Rico’s fire fighters and other first responders to serve people in need is significantly impaired in times of natural disasters. When the central grid fails, fire stations and other critical facilities are without power for significant periods of time and they are unable to receive 911 emergency calls. Furthermore, due to the poor condition of the island’s electrical grid, many critical facilities have continued to experience frequent power outages – post Hurricane Maria. Perhaps the most important critical facility on the island, the Emergency Operations Center is both key to the coordinated emergency response process in Puerto Rico and also an essential component in building greater resiliency for the island.

Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the primary coordinating facility for all emergency response following a major emergency or natural disaster, including coordination of Fire, Police and Coast Guard units. The EOC is also the communications hub and dispatch center for all first responders, routing more than 100 emergency calls a day. The EOC was left without reliable electrical service for several months after the Hurricane, instead utilizing an unreliable diesel generator.

The lack of power at the EOC has, in part, been blamed for the slow response in emergency efforts and coordination across the island following the storm. Immediately following Maria, Governor Rosselló arrived at the EOC to oversee emergency operations, only to find out that power was down, no emergency calls could be received, and no communication to the mainland US was possible.

Progress Reports

December 2019

Empowered by Light (EBL) and its partners remain committed to completing the solar and energy storage system for the Emergency Operations Center in Puerto Rico. However, due to the political scandal involving the Commonwealth’s governor, which happened shortly after EBL had secured full funding for the project, EBL was forced to temporarily place the project on hold. EBL is currently navigating the challenging and uncertain political situation in Puerto Rico, trying to understand who is and will oversee the Commonwealth, whether they fully support the project and whether they are willing to have EBL and its partners officially donate the project the government of Puerto Rico before EBL commences building.