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Accelerating Welder Training & Credentialing

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In 2013, EWI and RealWeld committed to accelerating the training of 25,000 welders across the United States over the next three years, by developing four new augmented reality training modules for welding procedures and providing a 'train the trainer' curriculum for key partner organizations implementing these modules. These modules will be customized for key industries, such as shipbuilding, heavy equipment, oil and gas, and automotive and aerospace, with a specific focus on welding for heavy manufacturing, tig welding for aerospace, and pipe welding for the energy industry. These modules will use augmented reality technology to enable the individual trained to emulate the welding style of a master welder in the specific industry that particular module is developed for. In addition, EWI and RealWeld will develop a digital badge for each training module and work with partner organizations, including the American Welding Society, to ensure that these digital badges are recognized as industry certifications. In close collaboration and coordination with the welding ecosystem, EWI and RealWeld sought to address critical welder shortages in the United States and improve manufacturing competitiveness, by creating trainings that are high quality, effective, customizable, and affordable.





Accelerating Welder Training & Credentialing



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2 years

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United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Ohio Strategic Training Center, Weld-Ed, The Manufacturing Institute, American Welding Society