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Across Women's Lives from PRI

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Public Radio International

In 2014, Public Radio International (PRI) committed to develop and broadcast an 18-month public media initiative called 'Across Women's Lives', which aims to change public perceptions of women's experiences and opportunities. Through ongoing radio coverage, the initiative will explore the connections between the status of girls and women and improvements in health and economic development, particularly in India and Sub-Saharan Africa, increasing world news coverage focused on women from its current rate of less than 1.5%. Widely-held perceptions that the status of women is so deeply ingrained in culture and history that rapid gains are impossible may be an obstacle in engaging the public in taking action or supporting aid efforts. PRI will use solutions-focused journalism to tell compelling stories while at the same time offering engagement opportunities that will lead audiences to think, feel, and act differently about women's experiences worldwide, changing the narrative about girls and women and public perceptions about possibilities for progress and improvement.





Across Women's Lives from PRI



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2 Years

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Northern America, Europe


Canada, UNITED KINGDOM, United States

Commitment by

Public Radio International

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Solutions Journalism Network, AllAfrica Inc, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Pulitzer Center, Global Voices, Center for Investigative Reporting