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Adaptation Atlas: Connecting Cities and Resilience Solutions

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re:focus Partners, LLC

In 2014, re:focus Partners committed to establishing the Adaptation Atlas, a tool intended to bridge the gap between climate impact science and on-the-ground action by mapping resilient infrastructure and technology projects currently ongoing in cities globally. Specifically, re:focus will survey cities across the US to capture key information on local climate risks and priorities to create a robust set of climate impact maps. In addition, re:focus will engage innovative companies from around the world to create a map layer highlighting where projects are underway to help communities adapt to climate challenges-making it easier for cities to learn about potential solutions and connect with leading private sector experts. Ultimately, the Adaptation Atlas will allow cities to understand the best available solutions for climate adaptation, and therefore invest most effectively in resilient infrastructure and technology.





Adaptation Atlas: Connecting Cities and Resilience Solutions



Est. Duration

2 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

re:focus Partners, LLC

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Atkins Global, Blue Raster, CLIMsystems