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Advancing the Rights of People with Disability in India

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Keystone Human Services

In 2016, Keystone Human Services and The Hans Foundation committed to impacting the lives of more than 400 people with a disability and their families in India, in order to break the cycle of isolation, rejection, and stigmatization, as well as the brutality and danger they face in the country. Keystone and The Hans Foundation will set up the Keystone Institute India, an educational institute that will engage the community in developing innovative models that open up opportunities for people living with a disability. The institute will work with advocates, thought leaders, and the government of India to empower people with disabilities, ensuring their engagement into everyday life, support for their families, and the creation of opportunities to further place them in leadership roles. The Institute will test new culturally-relevant models of service which rely on natural supports and community-embedded practice, such as shared living models, deinstitutionalization projects, supported living models, wage employment and entrepreneurial endeavors, and partnership with universities for evaluation and research evidence.





Advancing the Rights of People with Disability in India



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2 years

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Commitment by

Keystone Human Services

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National Trust